Spreadsheet & Database Input

Creating spreadsheets is easy with Microsoft Excel and this programme can be an effective tool in enabling data to be sorted. However, many users only utilise the basic excel spreadsheet whilst the program's ability to produce reports and manipulate data through the use of formulas is often ignored.

The presentation of data in a spreadsheet can be enhanced in many ways, but using Excel can automate many basic functions, saving you valuable time. Mailmerge is a good example – using separate fields for your data can make a difference to the way your mail shot looks, including the flexibility to personalise greetings. However, the spreadsheet needs to be set-up correctly in the first place and using the skills of an office professional can ensure your data is produced in a way that will work for your business.

One of Secretary Outsource's most popular services is data input – many clients appreciate that spending their time inputting expenses and sales information is unproductive. The simple fact is that your time can be better spent in doing what you do best – generating business and creating sales – but spending hours on your own administration is dead time; when left to mount up it can sometimes mean a whole day 'wasted' on inputting data.

Use Secretary Outsource to keep on top of your data input – and use that time to be more effective in your business!


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