Minute Taking/Shorthand

There are times when meetings need to be minuted – whether it is a project meeting with action points or a disciplinary hearing with a member of staff.

Whilst taking verbatim minutes is a specialism mainly found in the legal profession (ie for court hearings), taking notes of meeting proceedings is a skill often not recognised until someone inexperienced tries to do it!

Being able to listen objectively to discussions around the table and distinguishing between the salient points and protracted arguments is not easy, especially if the person taking the minutes is also trying to take part in the meeting.

Secretary Outsource is practiced in such skills and can record notes of meetings to your requirements. At the free consultation carried out with all clients before any work takes place, your needs will be noted in order to provide you with a set of minutes you can use effectively for your business.

Nowadays, shorthand is not used for this purpose as it is easier to record notes straight onto a laptop. But the skills are nevertheless the same – so why not engage Secretary Outsource to record the important points at your meetings?

The notes taken are confidential and with all work undertaken by Secretary Outsource, we observe data protection regulations in deleting all notes when the client is satisfied that the work has been completed to their satisfaction.


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