Mailshots & Mailmerge

E-commerce is increasingly used by many companies for their marketing, so it can make a refreshing change to receive a hard copy letter! People receive so many e-mails that marketing this way can be ineffective as opposed to receiving a letter.

But creating a mail shot is not as simple as it sounds! Using the mail-merge facility in Microsoft word makes it easier to send one letter to a client base, but there are inherent dangers in making your letter look like a 'standard' letter rather than something personalised and therefore more likely to be read.

Creating the message you wish to convey is the easy part – most businesses are familiar with marketing techniques involving engaging the reader within the first sentence. But making the letter aesthetically pleasing and appearing to be individually addressed is equally important and the skills of an office professional will optimise the way your letter looks. Being centred on the page vertically, balanced with the company letterhead and symmetrical paragraphs all contribute to the way your mailing looks, enhancing the chances of it being read as opposed to going straight in the bin!

Additionally, using mailmerge can save you valuable time – but many users make the common mistake of not inputting the data correctly, often using only one column for Christian name and surname, thereby being unable to address the greeting personally – ie 'Dear Mr Smith'.

Of course the most common mistake is using a printed signature – or not being signed at all! The time taken to sign letters individually can again make the difference of whether your mailing is read.

Secretary Outsource has the skills and expertise to optimise your mail-shot: let us help you create an effective mailing!

And after your mailing has gone out – we can do your follow-up calls too!


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