Follow-Up Calls

Telemarketing is a specialised service offered by professional marketing companies and Secretary Outsource does not have this expertise.

However, we can make follow-up calls to your mailings and ensure your message has been received. Marketing professionals always stress the importance of following up contacts (whether from mail, meeting or e-mail) and the time invested in making such calls really can make the difference.

It is a fact that many people respond to the personal approach (especially if they have already received some information) and the success rate can be double that of merely sending a mailing alone with no follow-up.

Secretary Outsource provides this service to several clients as it can be a huge drain on time; warm leads can then be passed back to the client for further development.

If you have difficulty in finding the time or resources to sit down and make those follow-up calls, why not let us undertake this task on your behalf?

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