Monday, October 22nd, 2012

I recently celebrated being in business for 5 years! Given that the last 4 have been in deep recession, I guess I must be doing something right. My first goal when I started out in business on my own was to make the first year. Then reaching a break-even point was the most important thing... Having completed both, the 3-year benchmark was next in my sights.

Anyone who has read my blog on a regular basis will know that I embarked on an expansion plan earlier this year and recruited my first employee to help with the workload. The other significant step came when I outgrew my spare bedroom and realised I need a 'proper' office and moved into Newhaven Enterprise Centre.

So much has happened this year and now I've reached the 5-year mark. I need some new goals! It occurred to me that my success means my service is valued by my clients – so I must be good at it! Well, after 30+ years of practise I should think I would be!

I am keen to pass on my skills and experience to others; I have a wealth of knowledge that can assist all sorts of people in other walks of life – but I don't want to become a teacher. I have therefore decided to diversify and run some seminars/workshops on topics that I am an expert in – the minute-taking course was well received and I will be holding some more in the new year. Currently I am developing a course on business communication – avoiding all the pitfalls of bad letter writing, using some effective words and phrases to get marketing messages across and generally exploding some myths about grammar!

So do keep checking in with me here, follow me on twitter (@no1sec) or via to find out when things are happening. Or you can always e-mail me via the 'contact us' page.

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