Copy Typing & Proofreading

Using Microsoft Word, copy typing is a relatively easy task – but relying solely on the spell-check is fraught with danger! There is no substitute for having an office professional correct spelling and grammatical mistakes, and proofreading is a skill that many do not possess.

It is all too easy to overlook mistakes when proofreading one's own work, for the eye and brain commonly see what they want to see, rather than what is actually written. Additionally, using headers and footers can enhance a manuscript or report, and a layout using bullet points, features and headings will improve its look, focusing the reader's attention on key messages.

At Secretary Outsource we have many years' experience of producing high-quality documentation that is pleasing to the eye of the reader. We ensure that the text of your documents is not only grammatically correct, but aesthetically balanced.

Ensure your documents are effective in their communication and well-presented by using the skills of an office professional.


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