Audio Typing

As with copy typing, the principle of producing documents from a recorded source is simple, but ensuring the output is well-presented takes a skill that cannot be provided by templates alone.

A short letter should have the text centred on the page, the margins balanced with the letterhead and paragraphs symmetrical. It is not just a matter of transcribing the message! Simple errors such as breaking a person's name over a line or having only the signature block on a second page are common and show a lack of expertise to the trained eye. A professional audio-typing service will ensure that your documents look balanced and such mistakes are avoided.

Audio typing also requires an investment in equipment – a transcription machine can cost several hundred pounds, without the dictation set or tapes. The alternative of purchasing the digital audio software is equally expensive. If your business does not wish to purchase this equipment, using Secretary Outsource to transcribe your dictation can save you money. You will need to have your own dictation equipment – but many clients find this useful for recording their own notes as well.

A personalised service can also turn transcriptions around at short notice (ie 24 hours or overnight) for an additional small fee. Contact Secretary Outsource for more details.


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