17. Efficiency top tip – find half an hour a day for admin not e-mails!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Keep on top of things – filing papers/notes/ordering supplies/adding reminders to calendar.

Did you know you can turn OFF the alarm that sounds when an e-mail hits your inbox? This can be very distracting and interrupts your thought process when trying to concentrate. Allocate certain times each day to attend to your e-mail when it suits YOU – then you can use your time more productively. In the same way, allocating time to deal with other administration ensures things get done and you don't finish the day wondering why you haven't achieved anything. Starting or finishing the working day by filing is good discipline, as is setting aside half an hour a day to get other admin tasks done such as ordering supplies or starting tomorrow's 'To Do' list. Don't let e-mails rule your working life!

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